vendredi 7 décembre 2012

The Roots

"Nowadays it's all about a nudge fella
I forge myself don't need no help fuck these other fellas
They all shoot stars but all of them just target missin'
I may ride small but I get bigger than the life you're livin'
And all my sweat and tears, they won't be in vain
Loosing ain't an option,I breath I'll be like that
They say dream big live bigger but it ain't true
It's with your own labour that you will go through
Pain, failures, but isn't what life make you feel ?
Destroy and rebuild like Nas my rhymes ill..
...matic images of the success Imma build
Architect of my life I own my blueprint
Jigga on that one, life the gift or the curse
Change the balance for lust to be greed, we must
I am catchin heat cause I've never known defeat
They be catchin feelings watchin how I'm rockin it
Y-Not is the future so remember my name
No time to be a slack so I had to switch lanes"

This song is not only this ignorant track flowin' over this DJ Premier's legendary beat. This song is also about being a believer, which remains one of my life principles. Believe in myself, believe in my skills, believe that I can accomplish anything I want in life. We're sometimes so focused on the negative that we forget to believe in our dreams, to believe that we can be anywhere and do whatever we like just by the strength of ourselves. Maya Angelou once wrote:

“A person is the product of their dreams. So make sure to dream great dreams. And then try to live your dream.”

I'm not saying that "if we want, we can" because that's not true, that would be an utopia. I just think that the first step of success is to believe that we can achieve something big and then put our strength into our goals. So don't forget to believe, because in every destruction there's a creation and this creation begins when someone had the strength to believe in it....

jeudi 6 décembre 2012

This blog is a place created to share music, thoughts of every Hip-Hop Addict's puzzle.

But let me introduce myself. As a Hip-Hop addict, I go by the name of Y-Not.
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This is also the opportunity for me to share my songs background, how I came up with some of them or deepen what I point out...

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